We conduct online and classroom education and training programs in advanced farming practices with special focus on Hydroponics, the programs are designed for beginners including house ladies as hobbyists as well as developing their own kitchen gardens and selling surplus in Market. The advanced programs are designed to support those people who want to develop farms at commercial scale.

SN Program Title Contents in brief Duration
1 An Introductory Program on Hydroponics What, Why, How and Types of Hydroponic systems, benefits, pros n cons, basic requirements for Hydroponic farming, practical demo on working systems. 3 Hrs.
2 Hydroponics for Beginners Various types of Hydroponic Systems, Home Gardening, Environmental requirements, lighting requirements, testing instrumentation, nutrients requirements, variety of crops, seedling preparation, growing in the systems, harvesting, selling the crops. 6 Hrs.
3 Advanced Program on Hydroponic farming. Repetition of all above (item 2) with hand-on workshop practices on Seedling Preparation, Nutrients Preparation, Transplanting and Growing, Routine Maintenance and Upkeeping. 2 Days(6 Hrs. each)