Hydroponic crops

While we can grow almost anything hydroponically, some vegetables flourish more in hydroponic systems than others. Generally grown plants are those that conveniently grow in moisture and that don’t get too big for their set up, a few of those are as listed below:

SN Item Meaning Image
1 Lettuce (4 types) Salad Patta
2 Micro Greens Dhaniya, Methie
3 Cabbage Band Gobhi
4 Spinach Palak
5 Mints /Oregano Pudeena
6 Basil Tulsi
7 Coriander Dhaniya
7 Rosemary Gulmehndi
8 Pok Choy Chinese Gobhi
9 Parsley Ajwayan
10 Cherry Cheree
11 Cucumber Kheera
12 Capsicum Shimpla Mirch
13 Straw Berry Stroberee
14 Turnips Shalgam
15 Egg plant Bengan
16 Green Chilli Hari Mirch
17 Tomato tamater