Akarshak Hydroponics is into the business of Manufacturing and Selling various types of equipment and accessories suitable for Indoor Hydroponic farming along with horticultural support in terms of seeds, nutrients and fertilizers for all varieties of vegetables and herbs. Reduced water/fertilisers consumption

The organization also provide services for customized applications for designing and development of farming systems as per the specific needs and space availability at client’s locations.

Our specialization is in HOME GARDNING through indoor farming equipment which can be conveniently used in spare rooms / terrace and roof top.

  • Indoor farming
  • Terrace gardening
  • Roof top farming
  • Decorative ornamental farming

To support the above types of home gardening systems, the company provides various types of equipment as below

SN Products & Services Images
1 Multilayer NFT system
2 Dutch Bucket System
3 Drip Feeding System
4 Grow bags systems
5 Ornamental models
Grow Lights Net Cups Grow Media PH / TDS meters
Water Pumps Air Pumps Drip Feed Kit Grow Bags