# Solution to all such problems:

Hydroponic-Farming (A wonder of Modern Science) The solution to above problems lies in “Soil Less Hydroponic Farming”

Hydroponics Farming:

Plants, in controlled environment conditions, are grown in plastic containers in which water mixed with specifically required nutrients circulates in a closed loop system.

Conventional farming:s

Plants are grown in soil which supports a plant’s roots – helping it to remain upright – and also provides it with the nutrients it needs to grow through roots.

In Hydroponic system, pure water is stocked in a reservoir. The required nutrients are mixed in the water in the scientifically desired proportion. The nutrient rich water is fed directly to the roots of the plant Plants through grow tray or PVC pipes through pumping arrangement.


The plants can also be grown indoor, in such case some artificial light equivalent to required spectrum of sunlight is provided through artificial lights fitted above the plants.